‘Reboot’ Canceled at Hulu After Just One Season

The cast of “Step Right Up” should plan to step right up to some new projects.

On Monday, Hulu canceled “Reboot,” the meta-satirical series about a sitcom reboot, after just one season.Sources tell IndieWire that “Reboot” creator Steven Levitan, best known for co-creating “Modern Family” with Christopher Lloyd, is currently shopping the show to other outlets with hopes of finding it a new home.“Reboot” centered around “Step Right Up”: an early 2000s family sitcom canonically revived at Hulu in 2022.

The series sent up and examined the modern TV industry, lampooning studios’ cyclical obsession with reboots and the unsteady streaming business model; along with your old-fashioned backstage drama.Paul Reiser and Rachel Bloom lead the cast of the series as the original creator of “Step Right Up” Gordon and his estranged daughter Hannah, who are forced to work together as co-showrunners on the reboot.

Keegan-Michael Key, Johnny Knoxville,

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