‘Redemption Day’ Review: Unremarkable Action-Adventure is a Surprise-Free Zone

If “Redemption Day” were any more generic, the first thing you’d see on screen would be a bar code in place of opening credits.

It’s the handiwork of first-time feature filmmaker Hicham Hajji, making his directorial debut after years of assistant-directing gigs for Hollywood and homegrown productions in his native Morocco.

And the best thing to say to say about it is, it’s certainly no worse than most other run-of-the-mill, run-and-gun action-adventures that used to proliferate on Blockbuster store shelves and which now feed the seemingly insatiable demand for VOD fare.

Trouble is, it’s no better, either.Gary Dourdan of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” fame offers the requisite displays of formidable physicality and authoritative intensity in the lead role of Brad Paxton, a U.S.

Marine captain who’s hailed as a hero for his courage under fire during a roadside attack on a humanitarian mission in Syria,

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