Reel challenge: what will cinema look like after lockdown is relaxed?

Blockbusters such as Tenet and Mulan are slated for a summer release, but the future of film is shrouded in uncertaintyModern Toss on cinemas reopening from 4 July …Cinema is back at last! Less with a big, cannonball splash off the high board than a tentative, slow-motion easing in, as if entering a very cold swimming pool, potentially containing piranhas.

But still, it’s back! With lockdowns and restrictions on public venues easing in the UK and the Us, the big cinema chains are looking to reopen in early July.

And at last, they have some actual new movies to show.

For the past few months, Hollywood has been moving its precious blockbusters back to save them from the floodwaters of coronavirus.

But now everyone’s ready to wade back in – give or take some last-minute testing of the waters.Two high-profile movies are currently waiting at the water’s

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