‘Reservation Dogs’ Co-Creator Sterlin Harjo on How Native Storytelling Kept Him Going Through Hollywood Rejection

Sterlin Harjo is a Native filmmaker and a name you might recognize — he’s directed an episode of “The Magicians” and he’s the mastermind behind FX’s popular “Reservation Dogs.” Harjo is a Native creative bringing Indigenous stories to life.It’s something he’s always been doing, though Hollywood hasn’t always held its doors open for filmmakers like Harjo… until recently, thanks to the advent of streaming.As part of Native American Heritage Month, Harjo spoke with Variety about how Hollywood wasn’t always so receptive to his ideas and how he found the inspiration to keep going through Native storytelling.What was it that inspired the move as a filmmaker to Los Angeles?I went to the Sundance Writer’s Lab and then the director’s lab.

It was all about the art of writing and filmmaking.

It was like a boot camp for me because

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