‘Rhythm Section’ Producers React to Historic Box Office Bomb: ‘We’re Proud of Our Movie’

Reed Morano’s action drama “The Rhythm Section” made box office history over its debut weekend, but not in a good way for Paramount Pictures.

The $50 million production opened January 31 in 3,049 theaters and grossed just $2.8 million over its first three days, marking the worst box office opening in history for a title playing in over 3,000 theaters.

Deadline estimates “The Rhythm Section” will lose Paramount as much as $30 million.

The film follows Universal’s “Dolittle” as one of the first major bombs of 2020.

The film had the backing of James Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G.

Wilson of Eon, who reacted to the poor box office by trying to find the silver lining.“We are obviously disappointed with the box office,” the Eon producers said to Deadline, “but we’re proud of Reed and our movie and the overwhelmingly positive reaction to Blake’s performance.”While reviews for “The Rhythm Section

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