Richard Harris Brought A Dark Chapter Of British History To His Unforgiven Performance

You might think that the late actor Richard Harris was an Englishman.

He certainly had the accent and his roles ranged from King Arthur to Dumbledore.

He also studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art and his sons Damian, Jared, and Jamie were all born in London.

Despite all this, Harris wasn’t British — he was Irish, born and raised in the city of Limerick.One of Harris’ earliest film roles was as an Ira soldier in the 1960 Robert Mitchum vehicle, “A Terrible Beauty.” In 2020, The Irish Times posthumously listed Harris as the third greatest Irish actor of all time, behind only Daniel Day-Lewis (an England/Ireland dual citizen) and Maureen O’Hara.Harris used his faux-Britishness when he starred in “Unforgiven” as arrogant, jingoistic gunslinger English Bob.

Despite his moniker “The Duke of Death,” Bob turns out to be a total fraud — it’s even hinted that he’s not actually English.

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