‘Richard Jewell’: Atlanta Journal-Constitution Threatens Legal Action Over ‘Malicious Fabrication’

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and editor Kevin Riley are threatening the producers and filmmakers of Clint Eastwood’s “Richard Jewell” over its accusations of “malicious fabrications” in the film, according to a legal demand sent Monday that was obtained by TheWrap.The letter from the law offices of Lavely & Singer accused the filmmakers as acting “recklessly” and “engaging in constitutional malice” due to the film’s portrayal of the newspaper and AJC reporter Kathy Scruggs (as played by Olivia Wilde).

The paper demands that the filmmakers issue a public statement that acknowledges they took dramatic and artistic licenses with the story, and that a prominent disclaimer is added to the film.“We’re simply asking that the producers issue a statement acknowledging that some events were imagined for dramatic purposes, and that artistic license and dramatization were used in the film’s portrayal of events and characters,” Riley said in a statement to TheWrap.

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