Riley Keough Talks Her ‘Demonic’ ‘Zola’ Character: ‘She Was Offensive in Every Way’

Riley Keough knows that her “demonic” character Stefani in “Zola” is offensive.

So much so that she apologized to the cast and crew during rehearsals.

“I may have said, ‘I’m sorry, by the way, this is an awful human being,’” Keough says on this week’s episode of the “Just for Variety” podcast.Directed and co-written by Janicza Bravo, “Zola” is based on a viral Twitter thread about one woman’s weekend with Stefani, and her pimp (Colman Domingo) and boyfriend (Nicholas Braun).

Taylour Paige stars in the title role as a waitress who is invited on what turns out to be a nightmare road trip to strip at various clubs with Stefani.

“Taylour and I became friends quickly,” Keough says.

“And Colman and Nick, we were all so close that it was really an environment that allowed all of us to feel really comfortable and safe.

We all knew the point of this.

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