‘R#J’ Review: Confined to Digital Screens, Romeo and Juliet Update Feels More Like an Experiment Than a Movie

There are instances in director Carey Williams’ boldly experimental yet wearisome “R#J” that genuinely grasp the essence of romance, identity and existence in the age of social media.

Those fleeting but relatable moments feel like major triumphs in Williams’ Gen Z-centric adaptation of “Romeo and Juliet,” a movie that unfolds almost entirely on electronic screens.

And you get a taste of them enough times to wish for a film that achieves a similar level of insight on the whole, something with purpose that went beyond the contrived quest, “What if we do Shakespeare, but solely in the virtual world?”It’s not that the work of the Bard is necessarily sacrosanct or untouchable.

Every era has a right to process his timeless texts from its own point of view, either in original form or through the fresh perspectives of present-day artists.

It is, after all, exactly that license that

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