‘R#J’ Review: Romeo and Juliet, According to Their Social Media Accounts

William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” has long endured as one of the written word’s greatest love stories, but what’s often forgotten among the “star-crossed lovers” and the dumb rage of familial feuds is just how nutty hormone-addled teenagers can be.

It was true in the 16th century when The Bard committed its story to paper — based on a number of earlier tales — and then the stage; it was true when Franco Zeffirelli made his 1968 film, and when Baz Luhrmann updated it in 1996; and it’s certainly true in 2021.For the latest — and, given the ways teenagers interact these days, wholly inevitable — adaptation, filmmaker Williams’ “R#J” joins a growing cadre of “screen films,” this one bolstered by the producing and technological talents of Timur Bekmambetov and Igor Tsay’s Screenlife platform, which aims to build the best screen-set films in a market beset by them.The screen elements of “R#J,

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