Robert Downey Jr. and Director Chris Smith Detail the ‘Huge Profound Impact’ of ‘Sr.’

To watch “‘Sr.’” on Netflix is to know Robert Downey Jr.

and director Chris Smith were, in a sense, winging it by the time production started on the documentary portrait of the star/producer’s late filmmaker father.

But Downey told IndieWire over Zoom that the seed of the idea was there a decade before he ever met the “Fyre” filmmaker.

“‘We should do a documentary about fathers and sons.’ ‘All right.

Would we be in it?’ ‘Maybe.

Who knows,’” said the actor, mimicking a conversation he had with the New York-accented Sr., still tickled by the eccentric director’s pitch.“My dad went down to North Carolina and was following George Hamilton on a tour he was doing for ‘La Cage aux Folles.’ Then he started interviewing him and [his son] Ashley,” said Downey.

“Anyway, there’s a super long answer to this.

I’ll just stop myself short.


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