Robert Eggers Says Original ‘Lighthouse’ Pitch Had an Erection, but Studios Didn’t Want Nc-17 Movie

Robert Eggers’ 2019 buddy movie from hell “The Lighthouse” was a lot.

The writer/director’s followup to “The Witch” looks eerily prescient now as a tale of two men — played by Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe — literally trapped in quarantine, at their wits’ end, verbally and physically sparring in an eponymous lighthouse.

But what that already-extreme movie could have also been, according to Eggers in a recent Film Independent-hosted Q&a, was Nc-17.

The sexual antics are graphic enough in “The Lighthouse,” including Pattinson frantically masturbating to a mermaid figurine made out of soap, but Eggers wanted to take it even further.Eggers recalled being in a “really lucky” situation on the heels of “The Witch,” with essentially carte blanche from A24 and New Regency to follow his own strange north star.

“They were happy to be in business with me, and they liked the script and certainly thought it was strange but exciting,

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