Robin Wright Isn’t Afraid of Bears, Which Made ‘Land’ Her Perfect Directorial Debut

When you have to shoot a film in 29 days, across four seasons, and with the occasional surprise blizzard at 8,000 feet, it’s easier to do it yourself.

Robin Wright reached that conclusion with her directorial debut, “Land,” in which she originally had no intention to star.

It turned out that the list of actresses who could carry the film, secure the financing, skin game, and make themselves available across many months dwindled to a list of one: Her.“It was gutsy,” said producer Allyn Stewart (“Sully”).

“It wasn’t playing that romantic comedy.

It was a taxing, intense, character.”Wright, of course, is familiar with intense characters after six seasons as the formidable Claire Underwood in “House of Cards.” She also directed herself in 10 of those episodes.

“I wasn’t looking to get some sleep, evidently,” she said.

“It was so much fun to direct that show, learning while I was doing it.

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