Roger Ebert and Stephen King Disagreed Over This Horror Classic

Stephen King and Roger Ebert are two legends of cinema.

The former is probably the most famous American novelist of his generation, and his books have led to countless film adaptations, from The Shining to Misery to It.

The latter is a film critic who was popular not just in print but on TV with his sidekick Gene Siskel.

Ebert and Siskel were household names and gave pop culture the term “two thumbs up.” Roger Ebert is also known for shockingly not liking some universally loved films.

He was no fan of Dead Poets Society, Fight Club, or Gladiator, just to name a few.

While Stephen King isn’t a film critic exactly, he’s frequently let his opinions be known, especially when it’s to praise something he enjoyed.

That led to Ebert taking a jab at King when the horror giant professed his love for a little movie called Hellraiser.

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