Roland Emmerich Knew Independence Day Had To Beat Mars Attacks! To Theaters

Roland Emmerich’s made a lot of disaster movies over the years, but “Independence Day” is still the best, probably because it had clear villains.

Both “The Day After Tomorrow” and “2012” had their disasters be the fault of Mother Nature.

That made for some great action sequences, but it also led to endings that just sort of fizzled out.

In both the latter movies, the Earth’s climate permanently changes and large swaths of humanity die, which makes their last-minute swerves towards happy, hopeful endings feel a little hollow.In “Independence Day,” meanwhile, the mass destruction is directly the result of a bunch of evil aliens trying to destroy all of humanity.

These characters don’t survive simply by weathering out the storm; they have someone to actively fight back against.

It leads to a climactic, satisfying final battle where humanity comes together to fight against a common enemy.

There are a

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