Rory Kinnear on humour, horror and trauma: ‘I went in the truck and there was my skull again, sent to haunt me’

The actor has found a niche playing multiple characters in one scene, never more so than playing five in his new film Man.

He talks about grief making him old before his time – and why niceness is backYou can never be sure who you are going to meet when you interview an actor.

Will it be the leery landowner with prosthetic teeth and nice little holiday mansion, the lank-haired, hand-wringing vicar, or perhaps the phantasmagorical green man who lets it all hang out? Rory Kinnear is all of these – and more besides – in his latest film, Men, a creepy symbolist horror mashup written and directed by Alex Garland.

But the man who has just walked across London to be photographed and interviewed – no minders in tow – looks about as threatening as a fine spring day, and is so refreshingly personable that by the end of the photoshoot he has

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