‘Rrr’ Review: A Magnificent Cinematic Explosion


Rajamouli’s “Rrr” is a dazzling work of historical fiction — emphasis on the “fiction” — that makes the moving image feel intimate and enormous all at once.

A pulsating period action drama, it outshines even the director’s record-smashing “Baahubali” movies (viewers familiar with them probably won’t know what to expect here) thanks to its mix of naked sincerity, unapologetic machismo, and balls-to-the-wall action craftsmanship.

The film is playing on over a thousand screens in North America, and watching it with a packed audience familiar with Telugu-language cinema is likely to yield one of the noisiest and most raucous theatrical experiences imaginable.

Plenty of recent releases have been hailed as “the return of cinema” post-pandemic, but “Rrr” stands apart as an unabashed return to everything that makes the cinematic experience great, all at once.To talk about the film in any meaningful sense — especially for unfamiliar viewers — first requires setting the stage.

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