‘Run’ Review: A Wheelchair-Using Teen Tries to Escape a Sadistic Caregiver in Wild Sarah Paulson Thriller

Sarah Paulson is either the world’s best mother or the worst in “Run,” a deranged (in a good way) two-hander from “Searching” director Aneesh Chaganty that piles one tragedy upon another and serves it up in the form of a thriller.The first of these injustices is revealed in the opening scene: Paulson plays expectant mother Diane Sherman, whose only child is delivered prematurely, taken from her and hooked up to machines in a long-shot hope for its survival.

The second emerges only gradually almost 17 years later, as Diane’s college-bound daughter, Chloe (Kiera Allen) — who’s dealt with diabetes, asthma and lower-body paralysis for as long as she can remember — starts to question whether her life could have gone a very different way.Short answer: Yes.

But Chloe is hardly prepared for the degree to which her reality has been meticulously constructed by Diane.

And the film’s title,

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