Russo Brothers Say Animated ‘Magic: The Gathering’ Might Spinoff Into Live Action Series – Comic-Con

During their panel at Comic-Con, Anthony Russo and Joe Russo talked about a lot including Avengers: Endgame, but a considerable amount of panel was dedicated to their company AGBO and their slate of projects — including their upcoming adaptation of Magic: The Gathering at Netflix.The Russo Brothers said they grew up playing Magic and the adaptation was inevitable for them.

The project may be animated, but Joe Russo teased that the series may grow into something else.“It’s an animated project with the potential to spin it off into live-action,” said Joe Russo.

“It’s a game we love — we’re geeks and love Magic:The Gathering and we’re excited to tell stories with it.”In addition to Magic, the Russo Brothers talked about a mix of projects that are outside of the comic book world.

In fact, they admitted that they were hunting down things that they loved

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