‘Rust’ Producer’s Key Adviser — Her Dad — Pushed Tax Shelters and Hid Income, IRS Says

For the last few years, Emily Salveson has been touting a new model for investing in film.

In interviews and in public appearances, she has said that the model was able to “solve the problem of risk” for investors.It’s a pitch that’s been heard before in the film industry, and it tends to end badly.

But her company, Streamline Global, has nevertheless come from nowhere to help finance more than two dozen films in the last four years.

She has done it thanks to provisions of the tax code that help wealthy clients defer their tax obligations.“These massive tax cuts seem too good to be true,” Streamline said on its website, “but they are battle-tested by the Silicon Valley elite, many of whom are Streamline clients.”One of her films was “Rust,” the Alec Baldwin production that has been shut down since Oct.

21, when the actor

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