‘Safer at Home’ Review: Friends Don’t Let Friends Take Molly on Zoom

One of the sleeper hits of the shutdown last year was Rob Savage’s British horror “Host,” a very short (just under an hour) and sweetly scary tale of friends whose weekly Zoom call during Covid quarantine gets crashed by an unwelcome supernatural visitor.

It was, however, bound to be the exception which proved a preexisting rule: that found-footage thrillers remain a tapped-out genre, no matter if one in every 20 or so manages to squeeze some new life from the form.Unfortunately, we’re likely to get a lot more in the mode of “Safer at Home,” which likewise hinges on friends video-conferencing during shutdown.

Will Wernick’s film not only fails to use that format in clever or suspenseful ways, it blows the basics of maintaining plausibility and viewer interest.

You have to admire filmmakers finding ways to keep plugging away within pandemic restrictions.

But not every story is suited for Zoom-style presentation,

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