Sam Neill: ‘Twitter has become toxic. We don’t need someone else shouting’

The veteran film star has been cheering people up online during lockdown.

He talks about the mini-films he has been posting, the joy of wine – and why he is returning to Jurassic ParkUnusually in this year of shuttered cinemas, Sam Neill is the star of a No 1 box-office smash.

The film in question, Jurassic Park, was first released in 1993, and has played exclusively at drive-in cinemas this year, but a chart-topper is a chart-topper.

“Isn’t that funny?” says the 72-year-old, stroking his impressive white beard and speaking via Zoom from Sydney, where he has been holed up throughout lockdown with his girlfriend, the political TV journalist Laura Tingle, far from his own home in New Zealand.

“And here’s the other thing I discovered,” he continues.

“Which Australian film of mine do you think is the most successful in terms of box office?”Perhaps it was My Brilliant Career,

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