Sam Raimi Is Producing Supernatural Rom-Com, You’re Dead Helene

As much as we love it when Sam Raimi hops in the director’s chair, the man also knows how to produce a movie.

From the grimy Florida-based horror flick “Crawl” to the frenetic, punch to the gut, break-in movie that was “Don’t Breathe,” Raimi has had his hands on all sorts of stellar projects.

And he’s definitely keeping busy.

His next producing project is another horror remix, but instead of taking the genre and injecting it with gators or veterans who are obsessed with revenge, he’s working on a movie that mixes it with love.Delightfully titled “You’re Dead Helene” and described as a supernatural romantic comedy,…The post Sam Raimi is Producing Supernatural Rom-Com, You’re Dead Helene appeared first on /Film.

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