Sarah Paulson: ‘If I’m terrified, I feel compelled to do it’

She runs from bees and hates planes.

But with acting, Sarah Paulson is scared of nothing.

She talks about her roles in American Horror Story and Ratched – and about her ‘creative marriage’ with screenwriter Ryan MurphyI got a report yesterday saying it was up by…” Sarah Paulson pauses, weighing up whether she wants to reveal the extent of her daily screen time.

Then she takes the plunge.

“It was nine hours and 52 minutes,” she says, mock-abashed.

In a day? She nods.

“In a day, yes.

Quite terrible.

I think it was… doesn’t it break down how much of it was work? There was work on there.

So I was doing some of that.

But… it’s embarrassing.”We are at the start of another long screen day for Paulson, who is speaking from her kitchen, at home in Los Angeles.

Her new dog, Winifred, is curled up just out of shot.

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