Sator review – deeply creepy cabin-in-the-woods horror

A terrifying supernatural being haunts this disturbing tale of spooky shenanigans in the dark heart of the forestThis extremely low-budget horror film is a lot like a bunch movies you know – particularly The Blair Witch Project and The Witch as well as the experimental cinema of Kenneth Anger – but also not quite like anything else.

It’s a kind of uniqueness to be treasured, although genre fans may feel frustrated with how slowly the plot reveals itself, its degraded visual style, and its wilful obliqueness.Shot mostly in a snowy forest and a log cabin that writer-director Jordan Graham built himself, the film mixes staged scenes with found material.

It’s performed mostly by actors but also by Graham’s grandmother June Peterson, who appears to have dementia in real life and whose belief in a supernatural being called Sator who watches over her forms the seed around which Graham has grown the story.

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