‘Saturday Night Live:’ Bill Hader Is Back, and So Are the Californians — Watch

Uhh, what is Bill Hader doing here? Why, hosting “Saturday Night Live,” of course, and Stefon wasn’t the only character he revived for his hosting gig.

Last night’s episode also saw the return of “The Californians,” that soap opera–inflected skit in which all you have to do is hop on the 405, get off on Sunset, use Waze so you don’t get turned around and end up in Marina del Rey, and hope that no one learns your deep, dark secrets.Hader was so intent to get things going that he ended his monologue to jump right into the skit.

Rosa (Vanessa Bayer) is gone, having been replaced by an estate manager from Marina del Rey (Kate McKinnon), and so Devin (Hader) tries to fill her in: “Well, if you want to know the truth…” It’s then that Stuart (Fred Armisen) returns as well.

He was

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