‘Saturday Night Live’ Cast Throw Major Side Eye at Elon Musk Hosting

Saturday Night Live” is fielding major criticism for its choice to tap Tesla owner and technocratic billionaire Elon Musk as host, and this time, the call is coming from inside the house.

On April 24, NBC announced that Musk would host “Saturday Night Live” on May 8 alongside musical guest Miley Cyrus.

While mainstream outlets applauded the headline-grabbing choice, apparently with no thought as to whether or not a CEO is the best choice for a comedy show, backlash to the choice brewed quickly.Many comedians shared confusion about the choice on social media, including a few of the actual “SNL” cast members who will have to work with him.

Though the posts disappeared almost as quickly as they circulated, the screenshots remain.

In addition to a general bland stiffness and complete lack of comedy experience, a few expressed thinly veiled disapproval of Musk’s political alignments at a time when wealth

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