‘Saturday Night Live’ Review: The Best and Worst of Jason Sudeikis’ Hosting Debut

In a season of so-far first-time hosting stints, this week’s episode of “Saturday Night Live” continued that trend with “Ted Lasso” star Jason Sudeikis taking up the mantle.

Of course, Sudeikis worked on “SNL” for 10 years — hired as a writer in 2003, before transitioning to cast member in 2005 — and has since made guest appearances on the show.

But this episode would mark the first time Sudeikis would be the star of “SNL,” at least for a week.Host: Jason SudeikisThe thing about “SNL” alumni eventually hosting episodes is that even their hosting debut never quite feels like a true “debut.” Whether that’s because they’ve made a number of other “SNL” appearances over of the years or because the audience already has a laundry list of returning characters coming in, there’s not quite the same spark that comes with a debuting host out of the bubble.


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