‘Saturday Night Live’ Spoofs ‘Mare of Easttown’ with ‘Murdur Durdur’ Sketch — Watch

The Kate Winslet HBO miniseries “Mare of Easttown” received a pop-culture seal off approval: It got the “Saturday Night Live” treatment.

In a sketch led by Kate McKinnon as the grizzled Pennsylvania detective, “Murdur Durdur” riffed on the Delaware County accents and featured host Elon Musk as a shady priest.In the fake show promo, a vocieover intones: “You’ve seen dead teens in New York, Chicago, and Boston, but what about another city with very specific whites? Pennsylvania whites?” “Murdur Durdur” also parodies Winslet as a British person playing a salt-of-the-Earth Pennsylvanian.

The commercials bills “Murdur Durdur” as “an extremely Pennsylvania crime show.”Musk added to a line of unusual and potentially risky “SNL” hosts, often to impressive ratings, including Donald Trump, Al Gore, Ralph Nader, and Al Sharpton.

While he may have seemed like an unlikely choice, and certainly was a controversial one thanks to his obscene wealth,

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