‘Saved by the Bell’ Review: It’s Alright Because It’s ‘Saved by the Bell’

The new “Saved by the Bell” announces the kind of comedy it wants to be from the very start, opening with a campaign ad from California Governor Zack Morris (played with a Republican smarm that doesn’t really exist anymore by Mark-Paul Gosselaar).

The spot, which feels like it was produced by the same team who worked on Bobby Newport’s “Parks & Recreation” ads, acts as the extremely thin connective thread from the original series to this 2020 “reimagining.

Since leaving Bayside nearly 30 years ago, Zack is still, in the parlance of the Funny or Die series, trash, since his rise to the Governor’s mansion was all part of an elaborate scheme to get out of a $75 parking ticket.

This sequence also immediately tears down the fourth wall, as Morris mentions that after college he “became a successful trial attorney” with a shot of Gosselaar (flanked by Breckin Meyer) as

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