‘Scoob!’: Film Review

Blame it on “The Avengers.” Or better yet, “Justice League.” Those superheroes are so popular with audiences that Hollywood studios got it in their heads that the world wants to see “expanded universe” movies — unwieldy ensemble productions that bring together half a dozen or more stand-alone characters for a single umbrella adventure.

Marvel and DC team-ups make a certain sense, since those super-friends frequently pool their powers in comic book form as well, but not so other brands, and though a handful of movies were greenlit under the strategy — including Universal’s “Bride of Frankenstein” and Warners’ “Godzilla vs.

Kong” — they’re burning out or disbanding one by one.That leaves WB’s computer-animated “Scoob!” looking awkwardly out of touch in several ways.

First, it’s a pricey feature adaptation of a classic TV show that, because of the coronavirus outbreak, will instead be debuting via streaming — doomed to a small-screen fate.

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