‘Scoob!’ Review: A Silly, High-Energy Introduction to the Wacky World of Hanna-Barbera

Ignore the weird Simon Cowell gags.

Despite its rocky start, Tony Cervone’s “Scoob!,” eventually moves past squeezing in gags about modern tastemakers (do kids even know who Simon Cowell is?) to become a Part origin story of the Mystery, Inc.

team, part Hanna-Barbera homage, the animated feature is a charming enough diversion that adds to the appeal of the original show.While the choice to move “Scoob!” from theatrical release to a premium VOD home has been met with far less outrcry than the same decision on the part of “Trolls World Tour,” the film deserves just as much attention.

If nothing else, all those locked down eyeballs might suddenly feel inspired to dig deeper into the Hanna-Barbera back catalogue, which has many gems to offer.

While “Scoob!” mostly functions as a new-school entry into the world of the titular dog and his human pals, it’s also populated

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