‘Secret Headquarters’ Review: Paramount+ Superhero Series-Starter Comes Up Less Than Super

The archetypal portrayal of heroic fathers is one of good, upstanding men teaching the sons who look up to them fundamental life lessons.

But writer-directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman (“Catfish”) expand on this conceit in “Secret Headquarters,” their family-friendly feature for the Paramount+ streaming service.

Centered on a teen who discovers his aloof, neglectful father is the world’s most formidable superhero, this action-adventure delivers a modicum of skill and smarts, though it ultimately winds up as forgettable as its generic title.Fourteen-year-old Charlie (Walker Scobell) is used to his dad Jack (Owen Wilson) abandoning their plans for work.

From baseball games to big school achievements, his father has missed out on every important event.

Only Charlie doesn’t know his put-upon pop is busy saving the world, one disaster at a time.

A decade prior, Jack unwittingly became a part of something extraordinary when a glowing space orb crash landed on Earth,

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