‘Seinfeld’ Netflix Aspect Ratio Ticks Off Fans: Titular Pothole Cropped from Beloved Episode

Another day, another aspect ratio iring dogged fans of a beloved TV series.

As was the case when “The Simpsons” got the cropped treatment when it dropped on Disney+, the arrival of every episode of “Seinfeld” on Netflix is not without some rankles.

A “Seinfeld” viewer on Twitter noted that one of the series’ crucial visual gags — namely the titular pothole in the Season 8 episode “The Pothole” — has gotten the short shrift due to Netflix’s 16:9 remastering of the iconic ’90s comedy series.

Specifically, that pothole (in which George Constanza believes his lost keys lie) is entirely cut out of the scene.

Check it out below.As legacy series make their transition to streaming platforms, the aspect ratio of it all continues to be an issue for viewers.

When “The Simpsons” plopped on Disney+ back in November 2019, the cropping to fit standard-sized televisions obscured some of the show’s best visual jokes.

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