Sensation review – sensory hacking thriller comes on like a Tesco Value Matrix

You’ll need superhuman DNA, like protagonist Andrew, to understand this convoluted, untidy sci-fi conspiracy yarnThis sci-fi-laced British thriller, from Czech director Martin Grof, aims for lofty metaphysical heights but trips over its own feet.

Next to the films it draws from, it’s like a Tesco Value version of The Matrix, or as if Inception was taking place in the mind of a lobotomy patient.

On a tiny budget, it’s no disgrace to fall short of these illustrious inspirations, but Sensation never recovers from the fact that Grof – co-writing with Magdalena Drahovska – seems unable to tidily convey its central premise.Looking to delve into his family history, postman Andrew (Game of Thrones’ Eugene Simon) has his DNA sequenced – but is told that he is part of an elite cohort of humans with hyper-acute sensory perception.

Arm-twisted into joining a training group of similarly gifted individuals at a country house retreat,

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