Sergei Loznitsa Discusses IDFA Winner ‘Mr. Landsbergis’ and the Liberation of Lithuania

Detailing Lithuania’s attempts to break away from the Soviet Union, from protests in 1989 to Vilnius’ Bloody Sunday in 1991, when Soviet troops attempted to stage a coup, Sergei Loznitsa became interested in the man in the midst of it all: Vytautas Landsbergis, the first Head of Parliament of Lithuania after its independence declaration.“I started this project with a simple question: ‘Why nobody in Lithuania filmed him before?’ He is such a great man, great storyteller,” says the helmer.


Landsbergis” was crowned as best film at IDFA, with Danielius Kokanauskis awarded for editing.Recalling his 2015 film “The Event” on the 1991 August Coup in Moscow, Loznitsa argues that he doesn’t feel like “a foreigner” in Lithuania, the first country that took serious steps to destroy the Soviet Union.

But a foreigner can sometimes say things the locals cannot, he observes, also because they haven’t noticed them.“I was born in the Soviet Union.

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