‘Servant’ Review: Season 2 Is the Creepiest Ad for Apple Products Yet

Early in “Servant” Season 2, the Turner family starts a new business.

It’s a pizza business, so not far removed from the family patriarch’s purview as a chef, and it’s only temporary, given his cuisine-related curiosities typically extend beyond savory pies.

But unlike so many in the food industry who’ve been forced to adapt over the last 10 months, the Turners’ choice to pivot to delivery isn’t Covid-related.

The Turners just don’t want to leave the house.That the pandemic doesn’t transpire during the season — which, like many, had production suspended halfway through due to the virus — isn’t a problem in and of itself.

“Servant” crafted a beautiful first season under the same isolated parameters, and there’s a lot of craft work to admire in the new, rather extreme homebound adventures of Sean (Toby Kebbell), Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose), and her little brother Julian (Rupert Grint).


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