Seth Rogen: ‘The Interview’ Caused ‘Seismic Shifts’ in Hollywood — ‘Catastrophic’

Seth Rogen is finally ready to address the infamous legacy of “The Interview” almost a decade later.During the Hawk vs.

Wolf podcast presented by Malka Media, Rogen opened up to co-hosts Tony Hawk and Jason Ellis about the “catastrophic” fallout of the controversial 2014 comedy about a faux assassination attempt on North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.“At the time, it was really bad and really catastrophic,” Rogen recalled.

“People we knew were getting fired from it.

The head of the studio [Sony Pictures head Amy Pascal] was essentially fired from it.

It really caused seismic shifts in Hollywood at the time and I think how business was done in some ways.”“The Interview” starred James Franco as a talk show host who travels to North Korea to meet with Kim Jong-Un (Randall Park) for an exclusive interview.

However, the CIA recruits him and his TV producer (Rogen) to assassinate the dictator instead.

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