Seven Samurai tops critics’ poll of best foreign-language films

Akira Kurosawa epic beats Bicycle Thieves to top of BBC’s 100-strong list that includes just four female-directed filmsA critics’ poll conducted by the BBC has voted Akira Kurosawa’s 1954 swordsman epic Seven Samurai as the greatest ever non-English-speaking film.The BBC culture website polled more than 200 “film experts” from more than 40 countries, including critics, academics and curators to create a top-100 list.

Seven Samurai beat Bicycle Thieves (1948) and Tokyo Story (1953), which came in second and third respectively.

Another Kurosawa film, the multi-perspective crime fable Rashomon (1950), was in fourth place, while his Ikiru (1952) and Ran (1985) also made the list, at 72 and 79.

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