Sex Education’s James Purefoy: ‘Fisherman’s Friends is the only good thing that came out of Brexit’

As the sequel to the Cornish fishing film is released, its star discusses his 30-year mission to avoid fame, being caught up in a racism row and dealing with bullies – himself includedJames Purefoy strolls over to the breakfast buffet in a London hotel, pours himself an orange juice and saunters back to the table.

“Nobody knows who I am here,” says the 58-year-old actor in a hushed, appreciative tone.

To be fair, nobody knows who he is anywhere.

Sure, there were times when he had phone cameras shoved in his face in New York during his three-season spell between 2013 and 2015 as a serial killer and cult leader opposite Kevin Bacon in The Following, which was watched by 11 million viewers in the US.

And shoppers at the supermarket near his home in Somerset (“not the fashionable part”) once approached him to praise Fisherman’s Friends, the 2019 hit about real-life Cornish lobster

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