‘Shadow and Bone’ Season 2: How Are Alina and The Darkling Connected?

Editor’s Note: The following contains full spoilers from Shadow and Bone Season 2.Netflix’s fantasy show, Shadow and Bone, relies on the genre’s classic conflict of good verse evil.

This age-old dichotomy is personified in the characters of Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li) and The Darkling (Ben Barnes), but these two are more closely connected than other hero and villain pairs.

Their abilities are polar opposites as Alina summons light and The Darkling controls shadows, but the characters are not so different.

As two of the most powerful Grisha, each with a unique ability and destined to live much longer than anyone else, Alina and The Darkling are more similar than they initially seem.

But it is so much more than simple similarities that tie these two together.

By nature, their abilities make them so connected.

Light and shadow create a balance, which explains why Alina is expected to destroy the Shadow Fold.

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