‘Shake it and see what happens’: the confounding world of James Thierrée

The circus star turns singer in his new show, Room, which is designed to embrace chaos.

He talks about the mystery of theatre and his movie missionsIn James Thierrée’s beguiling stage shows, the furniture has a life of its own: brasserie chairs duet with their sitters and velvet sofas gobble people up.

So it is a little disconcerting to share a corner table in a Parisian cafe with this ringleader of the unexpected who is swivelling around in his seat.

But Thierrée is just on the lookout for his morning coffee, he explains, swinging back with a raspy laugh.Thierrée has the air of an inventor with his white jacket, round specs and floppy fringe of salt and pepper curls.

His latest concoction is Room, which is on a European tour winding its way to the Edinburgh international festival (Eif) in August.

By then, Thierrée explains, his Room will have been somewhat rearranged.

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