‘Sharp Objects’ Announced Eliza Scanlen as a Dark Force, but in ‘Babyteeth’ a Star Is Born

Eliza Scanlen likes dark places.

She was a victim of Munchausen syndrome by proxy who turned into a cunning serial killer in HBO’s “Sharp Objects;” the terminally ill Beth March in “Little Women,” and now can be seen as a teenage cancer patient in “Babyteeth.” At 21, Scanlen takes on characters who find transformative, sometimes sinister, power in affliction.“I would probably be even more scared about doing a comedy,” she told IndieWire in a phone interview from her native Sydney, Australia.

She earned notice for her supporting roles, but “Babyteeth” announces her position as a leading force who commands the screen in nearly every scene of director Shannon Murphy’s heartfelt coming-of-age tale that reinvents the maudlin cancer indie dramedy.In “Babyteeth,” Scanlen is a young woman who must grapple with illness as well as the rush of first love with a drug-addicted crust punk (Toby Wallace).

“I really changed as a person,

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