‘Sharper’ Review: Remember When the Whodunit Was Mean? (And Maybe a Little Dumb?)

The opening credits of Benjamin Caron’s — con artist drama “Sharper” tell us all we need to know about what’s coming.

They’re slick, a little mean, and definitely kind of silly.

In fact, “credits” is too generous a term, because Caron opens his feature film debut with a single word: “Sharper.” Flash to its textbook definition, wonderfully simple in its information: “one who lives by their wits.”Isn’t that everybody? Not like this, not like these people.

God, you’d hope to not be like these people.Based on Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka’s Blacklist script, “Shaper” slices and dices a classic con story and refashions it as its own kind of whodunit, one where everyone is some degree of guilty or culpable or just damn deserving of being tricked, and delights in piling on the just plain mean twists for the hell of it.


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