‘Shazam!’ Trailer: Just Say the Magic Word and You, Too, Might Become a Superhero — Watch

Justice League,” “Batman v.

Superman,” and other movies based on DC Comics are generally known for being dark and brooding.

If the first trailer for “Shazam!” is any indication, David F.

Sandberg’s take on the superhero is very much an exception — the eponymous crimefighter is a kid who transforms into an adult superhero whenever he says the word (you guessed it) “shazam.” Watch the trailer, which just premiered at Comic-Con, below.Zachary Levi stars as Shazam, having previously played Fandral the Dashing in “Thor: The Dark World” and “Thor: Ragnarok”; Asher Anger is Billy Batson, a mild-mannered teenager who gets on the subway one day and encounters a mystical being who endows him with superpowers.

This comes as a surprise to both him and his close friend, who go about determining which powers he actually has — and are pleased to learn that he’s been gifted with super strength,

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