‘She Had a Dream’ Director Raja Amari on Battling Sexism and Racism in Today’s Tunisia

There have been a number of recent documentaries—Netflix’s “Knock Down the House,” featuring Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and “Time for Ilhan,” looking at Ilhan Omar—that are about female politicians of color who have challenged the status quo on gender and race as they vie for political office in America.

But these representational battles are not just the preserve of the United States, as can be seen in Tunisian director Raja Amari’s latest work, “She Had a Dream,” a documentary world premiering in IDFA’s Frontline section that follows 25-year-old Ghofrane Binous as she runs for office during the 2019 legislative elections in Tunisia.Director Amari, recently a member of the Short Film Documentary Jury of the El Gouna Film Festival, is better known for her two narrative feature films starring Hiam Abbas: 2002’s “Red Satin,” in which Abbas transforms from housewife to cabaret star, and 2016’s “Foreign Body,” where

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