Shekhar Kapur Talks Lily James Starrer ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It,’ Future of Indian Entertainment

Veteran Indian filmmaker Shekhar Kapur (“Elizabeth”) has revealed thematic details about his Working Title romantic comedy “What’s Love Got To Do With It?” starring Lily James (“Yesterday”) and Emma Thompson (“Last Christmas”).“It’s a story of identities,” Kapur said.

“It’s about cultural clashes and it’s a comedy, but it’s about hiding behind an identity and how identities can become tribal, and how tribalism can lead to clashes and fundamentalism.

It’s a romcom, but based on this fundamental idea of people adopting identities out of fear of marginalization.”Kapur was speaking on Tuesday at the Asia society’s annual U.S.-Asia Entertainment Summit, being held virtually this year, at a panel titled ‘Cinemas to Smartphones: Streaming Wars and the Future of Bollywood and Indian Content.’ Kapur is currently conducting rehearsals in London.First rehearsals with the amazing actor Emma Thompson today.

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