‘Silicon Valley’ Finale: Zach Woods on Saying Goodbye to Jared After Six Years of Pied Piper

[Note: The following interview contains spoilers for the “Silicon Valley” series finale, “Exit Event.”]Throughout “Silicon Valley,” Jared Dunn felt like the ultimate companion.

The trusty employee eager to please founder Richard Hendricks and the other various employees, Jared was the loyal, dependable piece of the Pied Piper puzzle amidst a frequent torrent of chaos.Airing its finale Sunday night after a six-season run on HBO, “Silicon Valley” has now come to its close.

So it’s both fitting and somewhat poetic that the man behind Jared, Zach Woods, has an analogy for his experience over those half-dozen years, one rooted in one of the most famous companion stories of all time.“There’s this book, ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’ that I really love a lot.

It’s a kid’s book, but I think it’s actually kind of profound,” Woods told IndieWire.

“In the book, the toy rabbit asks another toy what it means to be real.

The horse who he’s asking

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