Simon Pegg blames a bad marketing campaign for Star Trek Beyond box office performance

A few days ago, Star Trek actor Simon Pegg revealed that Paramount Pictures already had a completed script for Star Trek 4 prior to Quentin Tarantino pitching his own idea for an R-rated instalment in the long-running sci-fi series.Paramount had already announced a fourth entry in the rebooted series prior to the release of Beyond-2016-movie-posters/”>Star Trek Beyond, which would have seen Chris Hemsworth reprising his role as George Kirk, father to Chris Pine’s James T.


However, the studio applied the breaks (or at least slowed development down from warp speed to impulse power) on Trek 4 when Beyond didn’t quite perform as well as expected at the box office – something that actor and co-writer Simon Pegg attributes to a bad marketing campaign:“I think it was poorly marketed, to be honest,” Pegg tells Geek.

“If you look at a film like Suicide Squad, that was around for such

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