‘Siren’ Review: A Murderous Mermaid Is the Only Thing Keeping Freeform’s Tepid Series Afloat

Dive into Freeform’s fantasy drama “Siren.” The water’s fine.

And so is the attractive mermaid who might kill you.With the recent success of “Blue Planet II,” AMC’s maritime drama “The Terror,” and the Oscar-winning “The Shape of Water” on the big screen, it’s clear that the idea of what lurks in the unknowable deep still sparks excitement and a little trepidation in us puny humans.

Enter Freeform’s “Siren,” which confirms that being afraid, being very afraid might be the smart option.That’s because the series sails past the rosy Disney interpretation of what a mermaid is and instead hews closer to the homicidal creatures known as sirens in Greek and Roman mythology.

These lethal ladies lured sailors to their doom upon the rocks with the strength of their song, and in some cases, killed the men with their bare hands.In Freeform’s series,

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